The Teckytap is a technologically appropriate handwashing device operated by the foot to dispense water onto the hand during handwashing. It is metallic and made of aluminum, galvanized pipes and plumbing items. It is fitted with a very robust but manual pumping system that can withstand the pressure of continuous use. Due to the proper coating on the galvanized pipes, the device can withstand the factors of corrosion and rust as well.

What is Teckytap


The device can be used by both children and adult and can last for up to 10 years. Due to its robustness it is highly recommended for use by children. This device is the first of its kind in the country and will contribute greatly to the reduction of cross-contamination among school children and even adults.


At 600 GHS, Teckytap is affordable and durable because it was made with strong raw materials. It can withstand the pressure from daily use by numerous people.

When you buy a Teckytap this is what will do

Supply of requested number of ‘Teckytaps’ to selected beneficiary with a note added in your name.

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Transportation and installation of Teckytap at all locations in Ghana

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2 Mandatory visits within two years on semi-annual basis to each location Teckytap is supplied to check on device performance

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2 Year warranty for all devices purchased.


Our operational model is simple. We take investor funds , our company's own funds and the generous donations from the public for the production and sales of Teckytap.

Our profits go into three different projects that help reduce sanitation illness and benefit whole communities and schools.We donate Teckytaps to schools, communities and those who need it. We organize wash projects in schools and support educational projects.


Teckytap Maxi

Teckytap max is taller, bigger and more robust.50ltr bucket size to allow for more users. "Unbreakable" plastic bucket.




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