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You can change the life of a child in a deprived area. Donate TeckyTap Today.


Healthy Fingers Save Lives

CAF in it's quest to to improve the lives of children and their families has created a product called TeckyTap. Teckytap is a technologically appropriate handwashing device operated by the foot to dispense water onto the hand during handwashing.This product was created through extensive research, product design and product development. With this we address social challenges that affect the growth and development of children and their families.

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Most schools , remote clinics and homes lack access to Handwashing devices at vantage places to help promote good hygenic conditions. By donating a Teckytap to a those who cannot afford it, you are activately part of the fight against sanitation related diseases and deaths in our communities.

A percentage of each purchase of Teckytap goes into supporting the implementation of various social intervention projects designed to promote Education, Health, Livelihood, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene situations in deprived communities in selected districts to ensure that children and their families in those communities are at par with their counterparts in the urban and developed areas. Now

Techytap gives you good value for your investment. Not only are you changing the lives of those less fortunate, by donating Teckytap you are ensuring that your investment is put to good use. TechyTap is durable with a 2 years warantee and frequent maintenance.

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Companies & Institutions That Are Using Teckytap. There are over 50 Institutions and private homes using Teckytap. Grab yours now.

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